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DC Industries can provide you with the technical training that you need in this ever changing world.

Custom Training

We are pleased to announce that we are accepting applications for our Veteran Training Program. We have added new dates to our schedule starting May 29th. This program is a series of four classes; IT Fundamentals, A+ Skills, Network+, and Security+. Be sure you register with us to secure your seat! DC Industries would like to help you with reaching your goals by offering many other interesting courses that will expand your skill set. Secure your seat any of our courses by contacting our office today!

Our Classes and Instructors

DC Industries offers training in the following subject areas: Security, Cisco, CompTIA, Business Executives, MS Windows, and Programming. Our core competencies include Cyber Security, Network Administration, and System Administration. All of our instructors are certified for the classes that they teach. They are also technical consultants who are bringing to the classroom their real world experiences. Learn from the technical experts who have “been there, done that”.

Our Blog

Stay up to date with news and activities that are occurring daily with the DC Industries Blog. From the latest innovations in the IT and Corporate world to the classes that DC Industries has to offer our customers, you can be sure to find helpful information here.

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